1925 Second Session
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This website is everything Royaneh. Officially created in 1925 the roots of Camp Royaneh dates back to an even earlier time in Scouting history. This website is a collection of all things Royaneh, from before the beginning to current day. There's a great deal of material here for you to explore and look through.

Spend some time looking through the collection, maybe it will help you to relive camp memories or discover something new about the camp so many people have experienced and grown to love.


The Chief

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The Chief, Raymond O. Hanson




Ye Olde Bell Board

It's a new look for the archive/museum!  It's an easier look and a simpler way to click onto different parts of the website.

You can now check below to see what the latest additions are to the archive/museum. A special thank you to Bill Topkis of Utah. Bill is one of the historians of the scouting movement and has an incredible collection of historical items. He has been kind enough to donate digital items of royaneh to the archive/museum.

Royaneh will be 95 years old this summer. I think the really big celebration is five years away, nevertheless 95 is a great reason to celebrate. Royaneh is the second oldest scout camp west of the Mississippi (Chief Seattle Council has the oldest by a couple of years).

Lets hope that the current Coronavirus plague will be over by  the time camp starts in June, be safe out there my friends.

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Have fun in the sun...

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New Additions to the 
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​As of 3-17-2020

1964 Royaneh Postcard, featuring Jim Wilkins former Ranger for camp and the Director of the Coral during the summer sessions.

The Chief was also known as a playright having written several plays for campfire times. This is a program for one of his plays being performed as a benefit for summer camp in 1917 (pre-Royaneh) 

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