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This website is everything Royaneh. Officially created in 1925 the roots of Camp Royaneh dates back to an even earlier time in Scouting history. This website is a collection of all things Royaneh, from before the beginning to current day. There's a great deal of material here for you to explore and look through.

Spend some time looking through the collection, maybe it will help you to relive camp memories or discover something new about the camp so many people have experienced and grown to love.

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The smart-phone version of the website has been updated and is a bit more user friendly. That said to appreciate all that the website has to offer it is best viewed on a desk or laptop computer.

The Scotty McDonald archive has been getting a lot of attention. Check it out and see what Royaneh looked like in 1925. You can find it in the photo section.

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This coming summer will be the 95th birthday for Camp Royaneh. Founded by Raymond O. Hansen, also known as "The Chief", and was the first Scout Executive of the San Francisco Council .  In the late 1930's he accepted the position of Scout Executive for Region 12 which took in the entire west coast, some of the inland states, and Hawaii. As a farewell, a giant party was held in his honor in San Francisco, where he received thousands of goodbye notes and many tears were shed. He was a man of honor and distinction, many of his accomplishments are the basis of the San Francisco Bay Area Council today. You can find pictures of "The Chief" on our photo pages.

If you get a chance check out, it's a great webpage for the latest happenings at camp.

We are always looking for new items for the archive. If you have something in your collection that you think should be part of the webpage please drop me an email. You can reach me at [email protected]

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Camp Royaneh 1925 Second Session

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