Scotty MacDonald
1910 - 1963

Scotty McDonald was elected the first Mayor of Camp Royaneh during the first session in 1925. The Mayor ran the camp for a day and acted as a special advisor to The Chief. 

This is the picture archive of Scotty, his brother, father, and others. This archive gives us a glimpse of summer camp in the Elim area as well as a look at Royaneh in 1925.

Scotty earned his Eagle in 1924. During World War Two he served as an officer in the Red Cross in Europe. After the war he worked with the Red Cross in Japan and the Philippines.

Scotty, second from the left 
Who is it on the far left?

1924 Elim near Cazaero

1924 Elim near Cazadero

Scotty's brother, John, was the first Commander of the Knights of Dunamis. Both Scotty and Jack were members of Troop 80 in San Francisco.

This is the picture mentioned in the letter from The Chief